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Wiki page actions

The user will only see the actions the he/she has permissions to perform.

Page Actions  

Edit this page

Open the page in the editor


View the source code in a read-only editor


Delete this page (all or only latest version. A new page is opened to confirm the acion.


Give the wiki page a new name. All page names must be unique.


Set the object permissions. Note that the object permissions override global/group and category permission. The permissions are preset and updated automatically by the system. Overriding the default permissions may break the editorial system. Do not change unless you know what you are doing.


Show the page revision history. Has possibility to rollback a previous version of the page.


Discuss this page in a forum. The forum is automatically created, if it doesn't already exist (assuming user has permissions).


View comments for the current page.  Can also post or reply comments to the page.

Attach File

View the attach file list. Can also add a file to the list.

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