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Enable plug-ins and features

1 Goto Admin → Editing and Plugins       → Plugins (see figure 3.1)


Figure 3.1

 Goto Admin → Features(see figure 3.2)

Check the 'Wiki References' feature and save the configuration.


 Figure 3.2


3.3  Configuring the permissions: To use bibliography plug-ins, exact permissions need to be given to the users. See the following steps to add new permissions.

Go to Admin → Permissions

Under 'Assign Permissions' tab click on 'wiki' link.(see figure 3.3.1)



Figure 3.3.1


Under 'wiki' tab check the permissions to be assigned to the particular group and save the options(see figure 3.3.2).


 Figure 3.3.2


User with 'tiki_p_use_referencelib' permission can:

·         View and copy entries from references from the library.

User with 'tiki_p_edit_referencelib' permission can:

·         Open and use reference library admin panel.

·         Add references to library

·         Delete library references

·         Edit library references


Adding custom buttons to the editor

To add the custom plug-in buttons in the WYSIWYG editor, follow the below given steps:

1) Go to Admin → Wysiwyg page.

2) Click on 'Toolbars' button.

3) Toolbar customization page will appear as shown in figure 4.4.2.

4) Follow the instructions in the screen-shot and click on 'Save'.

5) New buttons will be available in the editor.



Figure 4.4.2


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