Selected Studies in regional Economic Development along the Northern Sea Route

(By Alexander G. Granberg ; INSROP Working Paper No. 74 – 1997, III.02.3)


The analysis carried out shows strong dependence of the NSR functioning on the political and economic situation in Russia, especially in its Arctic and Subarctic regions, and on the efficiency of the state policy of economic and social protectionism (including legislative activity, relationships between federal and regional administrations).

In the period of transition from planned to market economy, from state-unitary system to the system of actual federalism, social-economic mechanisms are in the process of continuous adaptation in the Russian North. Political and economic stabilization and start of economic upsurge inevitably generate new problems of regional development along the NSR, making more vital the need for long-term forecasting and elaboration of strategic decisions on the development of the NSR. Therefore, INSROP-II is necessary. Moreover, results of INSROP-I cannot be used efficiently and systematically without INSROP-II.

In our opinion, priority problems of economic studies within the programme INSROP-II (continuation of sub-programme "Trade and Commercial Shipping Aspects") are as follows:

1. Further analysis and forecasting of state policy for the development of regions along the NSR and Arctic transport system, as well as of the efficiency of this policy implementation.

2. Analysis and forecasting of interrelations between the Federal Centre and subjects of the Federation, concerning development of Arctic regions and the NSR, especially in the field of the use of natural resources, use of territorial waters and ports, and management of the sections of the NSR.

3. Monitoring of main cargo producing centres along the NSR (in particular, Yamal Peninsula, the Ob Bay (in connection with gas production development), Norilsk-Dudinka, Igarka).

4. Competitiveness of the NSR on the market for transport services.

5. Perspectives for the formation and development of combined (railroad, river, sea) transport systems of Eurasia, comprising the NSR.


    Alexander G. Granberg, 1997, Selected Studies in regional Economic Development along the Northern Sea Route, INSROP.©