Requirements to Environmental and Structural Safety of Ships

(By V. Likhomanov, F. Moreynis ; INSROP Working Paper No. 119 – 1998, I.5.11)


Reliability of operation of arctic ships to a considerable extent depends on their structural safety. The structural safety is of special importance for arctic tankers as it is closely associated with the probability of emergency spills of oil described in details in report N 70-1996 I.6.2 Environmental and Structural Safety of Ships. The structural safety of ships involves structural safety of hull and safety of equipment. The safety of hull is defined by the scheme of subdivision and by the strength of hull grillages.

In the present report consideration is given to the hull ice damages of cargo ships, distributions of the most serious damages are provided and causes of ice damages analysed. Structural safety of the marine pipelines as a part of the environmental safety of tankers was dealt with. Numerical simulation of the operation of the side grillages of ice tankers has been carried out. Results of the test calculations are presented. Assessment was made of the effect of the ice passport on the reduction of the environmental pollution. Recommendations for the selection of ice classes to improve the ships' safety were drawn up.


    V. Likhomanov, F. Moreynis, 1998, Requirements to Environmental and Structural Safety of Ships, INSROP.©