Reindeer of the Russian Arctic

(By S.E. Belikov, A.N. Boltunov, T.P. Belikova ; INSROP Working Paper No. 141 – 1999, II.4.10)


A realization of plans on development of commercial navigation through the Northern Sea Route will lead to an increase of anthropogenic impact not only on marine but also terrestrial ecosystems especially in the vicinity of sea ports, along roads and gas and oil pipe-lines. Damage of reindeer grasslands seems quite possible under these circumstances. Disturbance and poaching will follow the industrial development of the Arctic region. Therefore, consistent data on the distribution, number and main migration routes of wild and domestic reindeer have to be considered in the development of plans on INSROP. This review presents such data. The considered area includes archipelagos and islands situated in the Kara, Laptev, East-Siberian and Chukchi seas as well as mainland parts washed by the seas.


    S.E. Belikov, A.N. Boltunov, T.P. Belikova, 1999, Reindeer of the Russian Arctic, INSROP.©

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