Regional Port Development along the NSR

(By N. Isakov, T. Petrakova, G. Serebryansky, A. Parfenov, N. Sadofieva ; INSROP Working Paper No. 87 – 1997, III.02.2)


The present project "Regional port development along the NSR" seems to be an intermediate assessment stage of the specialization and state of the existing ports along the NSR which are open for foreign vessels to call.

The elaborated projects on mastering new fields of oil and gas in regions of the Extreme North, require the development of the existing ports and the construction of new ones on the Baltic and the Kola Peninsula.

Total amount of prospective liquid cargo flows from the North-Western region and East Siberia, affected by the NSR, is estimated at up to 30 mln tn of crude oil, condensate and oil product and up to 20 mln tn of LNG from the Kharasavey field a year.

In order to transport the above amount, increase in throughput capacity of the existing ports of Arkhangelsk, Kandalaksha, Murmansk as well as necessity of the construction of new liquid port of Pechenga, are considered.

Pipe laying to the Baltic sea is considered together with the construction of new ports on the Baltic, and in this respect the proposals on the development of new ports are presented in the projects.

Suggestions on the development of transit cargo transportation between the states of the West Europe and Asian-Pacific Region require the creation of new specialized transshipment terminals in the west and east of the NSR.

In this respect, versions of building new ports in Varanger Fjord and transshipment terminals in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Providenija, Dutch-Harbor are presented in the project.

The basic data on hub ports of Prymorje through which the cargo supply is fulfilled to the Arctic, is also given in the project.

The present project seems to be continued at the second phase of INSROP. In particular, it should include the data on ports along the NSR which will be opening for foreign vessels.


    N. Isakov, T. Petrakova, G. Serebryansky, A. Parfenov, N. Sadofieva, 1997, Regional Port Development along the NSR, INSROP.©

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