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ARCTIS Client menu

The ARCTIS WordApp Client talks to the server, specified in the config URL.

Login Login

Login using the specified config account parameters.

A login is required to use the client.

Config Config

Configures the ARCTIS user account to use when talkiing to the server.

The current Wordapp version is displayed at the bottom.


Search Search


Search can be executed using the simple search or advanced search. Simple search uses the built-in Tiki search engine. Advanced search uses a search backend server. The backend server search locally and globally for relevant material, and can direct searches to specific parts of documents.

Simple Search

Simple Search uses the built-in Tiki search engine.


Advanced Search

Advanced Search uses a search backend server. The user can specify to a where the search should be directed.

  • Global - Search "friendly" internet repositories and source articles
  • Local - search the ARCTIS server database

    • Wiki - Search the wiki pages (default search)
    • Files - Search uploaded files
    • References - Search referenced docs
    • People - Search for people/person names.

Start Work Start Work

First: Receive the prepared wiki page name from the Topic Responsible.

Then: Create a new work document for the specified wiki page. The new document will be based on the relevant template, loaded from the server.

The "Title" attribute is by default set to the wiki page name, specified by the user in the new document. The Title property value is suggested as the save-page name when the user saves the document to ARCTIS.

The document should be saved, using the same wiki page name, as specified in "Start Work".



Save Save

Save the Word document to the ARCTIS server, use the specified page name. The user must have editing permissions for the specified page.

The documents Title property will be shown as the default page name.

The Tag property will be included as "freetags" on the server. If "Auto Tag" is checked, the WordApp will use summariser to automatically generate a set of tags to use. These will be additional to any tags set manually in the documents Tag property.


The categories determines in which part of the server the page is saved.

The set of category options depends on the type of file edited in Work

1) Word Document (.docx) or unsaved buffer

  • (none) - create a regular wiki page, not linked to the ARCTIS editorial process.
    The pagename must be unique. If a page with the same name already exists, the save fails.
  • nomination - create a new nomination page
    The pagename must be unique. If a page with the same name already exists, the save fails.
  • work - Create a new version of a work page
    The page name must exist, and the page must be in the "Work in Progress" phase.

2) Word Template (.dotx)

  • template - save the template to ARCTIS
    The template name must be unique. If a template with the same name already exists, the save fails.

Help Help

Will open the online help URL in the default browser.

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