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"Simple Search" searches the local database using the standard Tiki search.

Searching for phrases

When enclosing the search words in quotes, e.g. "arctic insurance", search will find results containing the exact phrase "arctis insurance".

If you don't use quotes, e.g. arctic insurance, search will find results that contains the word arctic or instance.

Logical Search Operators

The search is case-insensitive and uses a logical OR operator by default.
Thus, searching for "hello world" implies searching for "hello OR world"
Valid operators NOT, AND, OR (Can be in upper or lower case)

Logical Search Operators
Operator Syntax Description
OR arg1 OR arg2 Resulting pages must contain either arg1 or arg2 or both
AND arg1 AND arg2 Resulting pages must contain both arg1 and arg2
NOT arg1 NOT arg2 Resulting pages must contain arg1, but not arg2


Having 3 pages

Page: hello
hello there

Page: world
hi world

Page: hello world
hi and hello world

Will give the following results

Search Examples
Search Result pages
hello world hello, world, hello world
hello and world hello world
hello not world hello


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