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The Knowledge Net is an ontology implementation for ARCTIS.

The ontology is a browsable network of "concepts". Click on a node step to it, which will place it in the center and display all connecting nodes. The user can in this way easily browse for articles with related concepts.

Articles (wiki pages) can be linked to a node in the Knowledge Net. In the above example the node "Sea" is chosen, and it displays the nodes linked to "Sea". The list of articles is clickable. It is also possible to filter the list. The filter will limit the list to pages with titles having a matching pattern in the title.




The use of templates ensures that multiple documents cover similar aspects.

Pages linked to a node use a template, which can force all linked pages to include the same sections. E,g. the "Port" node can use a template which requires the "Location" section. This way all port pages should/must include a description of the "Location" to be considered "valid".

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