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In advanced search you can refine the search, do extended global searches and get categorized results. The categories are the defined themes.

Searching for phrases

When enclosing the search words in quotes, e.g. "arctic insurance", search will find results containing the exact phrase "arctis insurance".

If you don't use quotes, e.g. arctic insurance, search will find results that contains the word arctic or instance.

Query Syntax

In the simpliest form, the query string can be a simple list of keywords like Arctic Circle. This query will return the documents that contain either Arctic or Circle. If you want to search for documents that contain both keywords, the query should be Arctic AND Circle. Note that AND boolean operator must be ALL CAPS. An OR operator is also available.

The general syntax for a query string is as follows: A query is a series of clauses. A clause may be prefixed a plus (+) or a minus (-) sign, indicating that the clause is required or prohibited respectively.

A clause may be either:

  • a keyword, indicating all the documents that contain this keyword; or
  • a nested query, enclosed in parentheses.
Example #1
(Marine AND Safety) +Information -shipping 

This will find all docments that contain Marine and Safety, also documents with the keyword Information, but not documents with keyword shipping.

Local - search inside ARCTIS

The local search can be on the Arctis pages (wiki), files uploaded to the system, used references, people, location or cases.

Search with location means that you can se on a map and click on a place to find pages tagged with that place.

Case Search gives the opportunity to paste a text as the search criterea. The system will extract the "concepts" used in the text and do a search using thse concepts.

Global -  search outside ARCTIS

Global search is search within (external) Friendly Repositories or Source Articles.

Friendly repositories will search a list of sites (defined by the admin) which is know to contain relevant (and quality) information.

Source Article search is currently not enabled

Configuring the results

You can configure your results by clicking Config results. Your configuration will affect also the simple Search.



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