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ARCTIS is based on Tiki wiki software and the CHNL specifications.

Features in In ARCTIS:

  • Find and search relevant information on the High North
  • Find Information structured in topics
  • Members/editors can use the editorial process to nominate, discuss, work, publish and endorse content.
  • Sponsor banners are displayed on the homepage
  • Authors can use a word plugin to create documents
  • Registered users can download content and make payment
  • Registered users can nominate and discuss content

Using the Wiki

At the heart of ARCTIS is the Wiki engine. By using Tiki's wiki, you can create and edit nearly any page — without needing to learn HTML.

To learn how to use the wiki please se more in the Tiki Wiki User Guide


The handbook can be accessed by clicking the  on the right side of the menu.

The ARCTIS Editorial Process is largely managed by the members and the topic reponsibles. It pushed nominations or new work, through the work phase to publication. Quality checks, e.g. peer reviews, are enforced along the way, to ensure that all published material are up to current scientific standards.

Please see Role Guide for the tasks of the different roles.

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