Some Aspects of Port and Harbour Management along the NSR

(By H. Kitagawa, T. Ozeki, K. Izumiyama ; INSROP Working Paper No. 103 – 1998, I.6.4)


Undoubtedly extended use of the Northern Sea Route necessitates a further development of ports and harbours along the route, which are to be open for non-Russian merchant and fishing fleets. To ensure safety of navigation of the NSR commercial vessels and firmly establish the route, sufficient number of ports and harbours, well designed, functionally constructed, excellently organised, and well maintained, are essential to the NSR. Some major issues for management of harbours in the arctic environment are discussed with emphasis on ice and snow control. Some related technical issues, such as methods and techniques effective to ice control in the harbours, harbour structures and facilities, are also discussed.


    H. Kitagawa, T. Ozeki, K. Izumiyama, 1998, Some Aspects of Port and Harbour Management along the NSR, INSROP.©