Operational Information on Nature Conditions

(By E. Makarov, N. Adamovich, A. Korzhikov, Y. Vanda, I. Karelin, A. Buzuyev ; INSROP Working Paper No. 71 – 1996, I.2.1)


The actual scheme of the documents which are used in modern practice of the national operative hydrometeorological support (HMS) of the marine operations along the Northern Sea Route is presented in the Report.

The first part of this Project on INSROP is logically followed by the presented data. Non- standard system conceptions and terms are also used.

When developing the operative hydrometeorological data the principle of the closed cycle is shown.

The existing comprehensive algorithm of developing the navigational recommendations is considered.

The problem of development of the operative hydrometeorological information in the shell of the electronic charts is determined as non trivial.


    Eugene Makarov, 1995, Operational Information on Nature Conditions, INSROP.©