Oil Spreading on the Snow Ice Surface

(By Sergey Ovsienko, Sergey Zatsepa, Alexander Ivchenko; INSROP Working Paper No. 6 – 1995, I.5.6)


This paper describes oil spreading on ice or snow surface. Description of the physical basis, mathematical formalization and original numerical technique for oil spreading simulation is represented. Shallow-water-like equations for viscous liquid are used for oil spreading on the ice or snow surface. Oil penetration into oil or snow is reduced to a one-dimensional process equation. The boundary of oiled area is considered to be unknown, and is determined in the process of solution. The particles-in-cell technique based on quasi-Eulerian adaptive grids is used. The numerical solution results are compared with known analytical solutions. The question of the model tuning is discussed.


    Sergey Ovsienko, Sergey Zatsepa, Alexander Ivchenko, 1995, Oil Spreading on the Snow Ice Surface, INSROP.©

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