Improvement of Information Support to Navigation along the NSR

(By A. Baskin, V. Vasilyev, S. Samonenko, V. Isakov, E. Danilov ; INSROP Working Paper No. 82 – 1997, III.12.1)


The navigation along the NSR needs specific information on geographical, ecological and political conditions in the Russian Arctic.

The main categories of information support to Arctic navigation are:

  • hydrometeorological and ice conditions forecasts and operative data;
  • detailed data on navigational hydrographic conditions and their operative updating;
  • information on real capabilities of the NSR infrastructure;
  • information on organizational support to navigation (administrative and governing bodies structure and functions) and information on legal regulations of merchant shipping in a region.

Hydrometeorological support to navigation in the Arctic seas is a quite adequate system which requires only appropriate maintenance.

The present navigational-hydrographic support permits, without specific difficulties, to execute the international navigation in the Arctic.

The operative navigational information is broadcasted and published for seafarers in navigational guides. An additional operative navigational information is given to ships by MOH, hydrographic bases, ice breakers and pilots. The existing system needs to be maintained.

The icebreaker support ensure the Arctic navigation. The main kind of pilotage is the pilotage at the mouths of the Arctic rivers. The pilot organizations can in general fulfil their duties.

The Arctic ports render assistance of different kinds. The detailed information on port possibilities is placed in navigational guides and directions.

The international system of search and rescue COSPAS-SARSAT functions in the Russian Arctic.

The operation of the NSR is executed by NSRA. The traffic is regulated by MOH of West and East sectors of the Russian Arctic. The existing organization is satisfactory and can be used.

It is assumed, that hereinafter the work on perfection of information support will be continued on the base of experience of international navigation and with due regard to new navigational and communication equipment and development of infrastructure.


    A. Baskin, V. Vasilyev, S. Samonenko, V. Isakov, E. Danilov, 1997, Improvement of Information Support to Navigation along the NSR, INSROP.©