INSROP GIS v3.0a - User's Guide and System Documentation

(By Stig Magnar Lovеs ; INSROP Working Paper No. 165 – 1999, I.3.2)


In order to facilitate storage, retrieval and analysis of information obtained within the INSROP programme, an INSROP Information System has been developed using GIS technology. This Working Paper presents the current version of the system –INSROP GIS v3.0a. A previous version of the system was presented in INSROP Working Paper 47 (Lшvеs and Brude, 1996).

In INSROP Phase 2, the system development and implementation of data within Sub-programmes I, III and IV has been carried out within Project I.3.2 – Arrangement and Expansion of INSROP GIS, while Project II.3.10 - Geographical Information System has been responsible for implementing all data within Sub-programme II.

Since the INSROP Phase 1 project work, Version 3.0a and also 3.1 of ArcView have been released and have provided new capabilities for INSROP GIS development. Also, changes in the ArcView programming language, Avenue, required several modifications to the INSROP GIS version from INSROP Phase 1. INSROP GIS is now an ArcView 3.0a Extension available for PCs running Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows NT 4.0.


    Stig Magnar Lovеs, 1999, INSROP GIS v3.0a - User's Guide and System Documentation, INSROP.©