Communication and IT-customizing. Volume 2

(By Norvald Kjerstad ; INSROP Working Paper No. 14 – 1995, 1.1)


The second report (Volume 2) in this project, Routing, Communication and Navigation on the Northern Sea Route, has now been completed. The report, comprising 71 pages, offers a complete overview of techniques and operational aspects related to routing and operation of ships in Arctic waters.

Volume 1 (Working Paper 2-94) gave a detailed survey of nautical publications and routes available for ship operators navigating on the Northern Sea Route. In this second volume the authors have chosen a more technical approach. The following subjects are described thoroughly:

  • Planning and operational aspects, including surveillance and high latitude problems.
  • Navigation techniques in ice and ship handling in critical situations.
  • Ship technology, classification rules and regulatory regimes relevant to routing.

Volume 1 and 2 are together meant to provide important information to international operators of ships along the NSR, both in the appraisal-, planning-, execution- and monitoring phase of the operation. Due to the complete overview the two reports will also be helpful for most scientists involved in marine related projects along the NSR. The report has been reviewed by Captain Lawson Brigham, U.S. Coast Guard, and is updated according to relevant issues in the Harmonization of Polar Ship Rules process.


    Norvald Kjerstad, 1995, Communication and IT-customizing. Volume 2, INSROP.©